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Open Letter 2 Hillary Clinton

Open Letter 2 Hillary Clinton

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Open Letter to Hillary Clinton
What We Pray You Come to See

Open Letter 2 Hillary Clinton
Photo of Clinton giving a speech in NH.

To Secretary and Presidential Candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton:

I’m positive that you are unlikely to ever see this. Maybe, by supernatural, Divine intervention, you may see this. You’re involved in probably the nastiest Presidential campaign in modern American history. In this open letter, I’m trying to sum up the concerns many have.

Open Letter 2 Hillary Clinton
Overview of Your Situation

Sec. Clinton, we’re watching you and your opponent, Donald Trump. Both of you compete for the highest office in the land. You know that both of you have had high unfavorability ratings since your campaigns began. For years, long before your campaign, the GOP and the media have kept after you about Benghazi. They’ve kept after you about your use of your private email server during your time as Secretary of State. I got tired of hearing about it! We’ve heard about ethical concerns about yours and your husband’s Foundation. Myself, when the GOP were investigating you for Benghazi, I didn’t know what to think. The emails?

Open Letter 2 Hillary Clinton
The Appearance of Corruption

You may not have meant any harm by setting up a private server. But did this put our national security at risk? Many believe so. I know your Foundation does great good. It saves lives. But if unethical things are done, doesn’t this hurt your credibility? I get annoyed at hearing about these things over and over. I know that your opponent and many in the GOP accuse you and our President of enabling ISIS. That is, your foreign policy decisions during your years as Sec. of State had set the stage for the emergence of ISIS. Maybe so. But I’m sure you thought you were making the right decisions at the time. Honesty, integrity and transparency issues? You give the appearance of issues with these. Yes, so does your opponent. These issues aren’t what concern me most about your candidacy. I could deal with these. I can’t speak for other voters, of course. Just myself.

Open Letter 2 Hillary Clinton
Yes, Women Have Rights

One issue concerns me most. It’s abortion. I applaud you for being open, unequivocal, and consistent about abortion. Most politicians hem and haw about it. No, I do not agree with you about abortion! Politicians know how divisive and emotionally charged abortion is. They typically give it a cover term like “bodily autonomy,” “choice,” and “women’s healthcare.” We hear about “reproductive freedom” and “women’s equality.” Yes, I’m all for women having equal rights! Women deserve to have freedom of choice about their lives and their bodies. They ought to have equality and reproductive freedom. They should have equal pay for equal work. And women (as well as men) have every right to be free of sexual assault. I want you to keep being a voice for women. I agree with your supporters that prolife people seem not to know what women go through. Especially when they face unplanned pregnancies.

Open Letter 2 Hillary Clinton
Women’s Rights, Her Baby’s Rights

When a woman is pregnant, the body inside her is not her body. So though she’s entitled to control her body, this doesn’t include the baby in her. She’s to protect her baby in her, not control her as “her body.” Her baby is a different person with a different DNA and a different body. This new baby can be a different gender. You’ve been quoted as saying, “The unborn baby should not have the Constitutional right to live.” So your words tell us that you know the unborn are actual human beings, not potential human beings.

Open Letter to Hillary Clinton
Does Abortion Serve Women?

Does abortion serve women? I know you think so, because you advocate so forcefully for it. You even tell us you want to expand Planned Parenthood (PP) funding so that it covers abortions. Sec. Clinton, you tell us, “Planned Parenthood does many wonderful things for women. They do mammograms and other female cancer screenings.” Really? What is the evidence? They may do some good. PP may do a lot of good. Then why are there so many services for women who have had abortions? Why isn’t PP there for them after doing their abortions? When many of these women suffer emotional and spiritual damage from abortion, guess where they go? They go to prolife pregnancy resource centers. They reach out to nonprofits like Project Rachel, Elliot Institute, Silent No More, or others.

Open Letter 2 Hillary Clinton
Abortion Doesn’t Serve Women

Does abortion serve women? I’ve read an entire well-researched book about the physical complications women tend to suffer from abortion. Yes, legal abortion. There’s not a bit of evidence, though, that any woman has been harmed when she uses prolife pregnancy center services. And there are roughly an estimated 17,000 public, community clinics that give comprehensive care to women and families. Sec. Clinton, if you want to truly serve low-income women, why not fund these clinics instead of Planned Parenthood? Why not increase subsidies for qualified adoptive parents, and offer subsidies for low-income families? Why not push two-year foster care instead of abortion, and strengthen adoption laws? Think all this through and embrace the truth. Abortion doesn’t serve women.

Open Letter 2 Hillary Clinton
Closing Points

It’s no secret. Most in the Christian and prolife community view you as The Enemy and the Anti-Christian. Daily, I witness the vitriol, hate, judgment and disgust leveled at you. All over the Internet! Understandably. Many declare, “I’m voting Trump because he will stop evil, wicked Hillary. I’m saddened at all the hate and vindictiveness that so many professing Christians level at you. It’s just as wrong as your advocacy of abortion. We’re becoming what we despise. Like you, all of us are sinners. We need the salvation only Jesus can give. Like anyone, you can be transformed and know the true God in Christ. I know you identify as United Methodist, and say you believe. I heard you, recently, say some that indicates that you believe that our good works contribute to our salvation. Wrong! Our good works can do NOTHING toward our salvation.

Open Letter 2 Hillary Clinton
Appeal 2 You

Here’s how you can know God. Only repentance (changing your mind about sin) and faith (counting on Jesus alone to save you) will make us acceptable to God, and fit for heaven. I’m praying regularly for you, Sec. Clinton. My hope and prayer are that many others in the Christian community pray for you, especially Christians in the prolife movement. Even if you win the White House, God is still King and in charge of all. If you’re by some chance reading this, I urge you: Repent of sin and trust in Jesus alone to save you. I love to see your your passion for women and social justice! How wonderful if you’d extend your passion to the unborn!

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The above photo is courtesy of Aaron Webb and is licensed under Creative Commons By NC-SA 2.0

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Open Letter 2 Hillary Clinton

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