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Abortion N This 2016 Election

Abortion N 2016 Election

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Abortion N This 2016 Election
Political-Religious Meme

Abortion N this 2016 election?
Vote prolife!

Protect the unborn with your votes!

Vote for those who have no voice!

Vote for the candidate who will end abortion!

If you stay home babies will die!

If you don’t vote prolife you have innocent blood on your hands!

Abortion N This 2016 Election
Current Situation

Currently, things remain the same. Abortion keeps killing about 3500 babies daily. In the U.S. alone! We all know that. Some stereotypical women no doubt still choose abortion for their own convenience. A few women may use abortion as a “backup” form of birth control. The word and the topic remain divisive and partisan. It’s so divisive that I have to use the “politics” tag for this site and my other prolife site. Otherwise, I fear people can’t find these sites. Protecting the unborn remains a “Conservative” and Republican “issue.” Pay equity, sexual assault, sexual harassment and rape laws? It’s “liberals” and Democrats who specialize in these women’s “issues.” We’ve politicized our advocacy of issues facing moms and babies. Most people still view abortion as reproductive freedom, bodily autonomy and private health care. Women usually don’t know how to find or access alternatives. Things haven’t changed.

Babies continue to die.

Abortion continues to haunt all those left behind. Especially moms.

Abortion N This 2016 Election
Abortion N the Two Presidential Campaigns

This partisan abortion debate affects this 2016 election. Currently, we have two Presidential candidates. Both have high “Unfavorability” ratings. Scandals and the appearance of corruption taint both. For different reasons, voters see both of them as unfit for the position of U.S. President. One’s scandals lie in the appearance of crony capitalism, conflicts of interest, cover-ups, and duplicity. Her email scandals leave her judgment highly suspect. One scandal after another, past and present, mark the other candidate. Even in the primaries, videotape has captured his unPresidential conduct for all to witness. I need not go into all he has said. Most of us know it too well. He’s bragged about putting people out of their homes. Allegations of fraud abound, including a university, a foundation and fraudulent diet products. He has alleged business ties to other countries, and grossly low pay of foreign workers making his products.

Most serious Christians and prolifers don’t support Hillary Clinton. In a clear conscience, they can’t because because of her advocacy of “women’s right to choose.” To choose abortion. Donald Trump? Despite his ghastly, divisive rhetoric and all the allegations against him, he has prolife support. Christians and most the prolife community back him. Why? Despite all the lies he has been caught in, prolifers and Christians trust this candidate to keep his word to protect religious liberty and the unborn. In the meantime, he gets worse. Evangelical support is wavering.

Babies continue to die.
Abortion continues to haunt those left behind. Especially moms.

Abortion N This 2016 Election
Does the End Justify the Means?

Our ability to rationalize is boundless. I know why Christians and the prolife community have rejected one candidate. I see why they support the other candidate. We have to vote prolife, don’t we? We want to preserve our free speech and religious liberties, don’t we? Day after day, all over the Internet, I have seen many in our camp defend a candidate who has been accused of felony frauds, sexual misconduct, ties to foreign nations and with many lawsuits against him. He has been caught on tape bragging about being a sex offender. Yet because he says he’ll protect the unborn and our religious liberties, these things justify his actions. “Hillary would be worse,” many of them say. “Trump will save us from her. Vote Trump!” Yes, we must keep fighting for the unborn. And we mustn’t take our religious freedoms for granted.

Abortion N This 2016 Election
Prolife about Abortion? At All Costs?

Donald Trump was the most anti-abortion candidate available. From one of the major parties. Yet is a candidate who has exhibited the character Trump has, worthy of prolife, Christian votes? To put it plainly, is voting for this anti-abortion candidate voting prolife? Many believe that we “have to” vote for Trump because voting for a thoroughly prolife, Christian, Third Party candidate would be a “throwaway vote.” So now the Church of Jesus Christ is divided over the election of a President as are many in the prolife community. Where does this leave us?

Babies continue to die.
Abortion continues to haunt those left behind. Especially the moms.

Abortion and This 2016 Election
Consistently Prolife Voting

We have no easy answers this year. Vote for Hillary and vote against the unborn? Most of us automatically reject her as our candidate. Yet we remain oddly open to Donald Trump despite his life and values that are NOT Christlike. He has promised to appoint all conservative justices to the Supreme Court. He’s guaranteed to protect religious liberties. He says he’ll defund Planned Parenthood. Great promises. Yet most of us know that he has been caught in numerous lies. Blogs have documented many of his lies.
So how can we trust his promises to uphold these values we hold dear? We can’t! Yet we tell ourselves that we have to “hold our nose” and “vote for the lesser of two evils.”

Abortion N This 2016 Election
No Easy Answers

And is is Donald Trump a lesser evil? I’m not telling anyone how to vote. I’m sure most of you have your minds made up. Yet I’m feel quite depressed, sick, and angry. I see so many among us who continue to back a candidate who shows little respect for women, minorities, those with disabilities, and anyone who doesn’t like him or agree with him. Is voting prolife mean voting for a merely “antiabortion” candidate? If we considered ethical, prolife and godly Third Party candidates and lined up behind them, we could keep both Trump and Clinton out of the White House. We have three weeks to decide.

Babies continue to die.

Abortion continues to haunt those left behind. Especially the moms.

No matter what the outcome of this election, we can still make our voices heard. Please take a few minutes to sign this petition. Then share it freely.

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Abortion N This 2016 Election

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