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Prolife With Exceptions?

Pro-life W Exceptions?

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I’m prolife with exceptions. I believe life is sacred.

I’m prolife but I think abortion should be available in the early weeks of pregnancy.

Life begins at conception but rape or incest victims should be able to get abortions.

Yes, life is sacred but it’s wrong to knowingly have a child who will be disabled.

Prolife with Exceptions?
What Exceptions?

You read about exceptions. Many people call themselves prolife. They oppose abortion in most cases. Abortion must never be used for convenience. Never as a form of birth control! Restrict abortion to those who need it! Yet sometimes it can’t be avoided. Or such people believe. I have heard arguments for each of these exceptions. Many believe that women should be able to “choose” in the early months of pregnancy. They can’t believe that life begins at conception, can they? Maybe they hold that it starts at implantation. This is the same reason such pro-life people can support oral contraceptives. They can cause early abortions. The other exceptions seem to be consistent with many people’s beliefs that life begins at conception. Many ardent prolifers sharply condemn such “prolife with exceptions” individuals as actually being pro-choice or even pro-abortion. Is this so?

Prolife with Exceptions?
The Rationalizations

It’s easy to rationalize the exceptions. In fact, those who allow abortion “exceptions” have good hearts. They want to protect most unborn children. They just can’t bring themselves to totally restrict all abortion. Those who allow very early abortions rationalize that we “can’t really prove” that life begins at conception. Those who advocate abortion in the case of poor prenatal diagnoses tell themselves (and others) that abortion is actually responsible in these cases. “How can you knowingly bring a child with birth defects into the world to go through life that way?” “Such a child should not have to go through life and suffer.” “Such children would never have a life.” And we know what the arguments are in cases of sexual assault pregnancies. “It’s cruel and unfair to make a rape or incest victim carry a forced pregnancy to term.” “She couldn’t want such a baby.” “Such a baby can only remind her of her trauma and re-victimize her.”

Prolife With Exceptions?
What Do Such Women Want or Need?

Should we assume that people in such situations necessarily want abortions? Women have told researchers that abortion made their trauma worse! Well, studies show that abortion doesn’t help people in these situations. In fact, In fact, abortion has just brought on a new set of problems with the grief, shame, and guilt that come with it. As for early abortions, who’s to say that we can disprove that life begins at conception? In each of these cases, babies are involved as well as parents in murky or difficult situations. How do we deal with this?

Prolife With Exceptions?
My Experiences

I have experience with this. Many years ago, I recall that my late grandmother said something about sexual assault pregnancies. To paraphrase her: “And you better hope you don’t get raped and then get pregnant. I would never want to have a rape baby!” Quite a bit more recently, my own mom has warned me: “If my grandchild gets pregnant from rape, she will get an abortion!”

Prolife with Exceptions?
Personal Experience

I know why Mom is so passionate. She’s one who sees abortion as a solution. But it has always been chilling when she, to this day, declares: “If a baby is diagnosed with a birth defect, a woman should not have to have that baby! How irresponsible to make a child go through life with a disability. And what is the use of having a baby who won’t live long after birth? No, they should be able to terminate those pregnancies.” This last one chills me because scientists are trying to isolate an “autism gene” that can be diagnosed in utero. Both my daughter (and now myself) have been officially diagnosed with with PDD-NOS, an autistic spectrum disorder. Also, I’m diagnosed with a genetic condition, Marfan’s Syndrome. I have known many other children and adults who many people would say would have been “better off aborted.” When a doctor offered me prenatal testing, I was “informed” about abortion as an “option.” “After all, it’s legal,” the specialist reminded me. But what is legal isn’t always right.

Prolife with Exceptions?
Who Are the Exceptions? What Do They Think?

We talk a lot about being inclusive. If we set limits on whose life is worth being protected, we aren’t being inclusive. According to my research and personal experience, those among the “exceptions” aren’t better off never having been born. I know of numerous people who are conceived in rape, have had children from rape, or have genetic conditions or special needs. They don’t agree that they’re better off dead. I don’t know of any “exceptions” who wish they had been been aborted. But I know of many who work diligently to end all abortion and to “save the one percent.” You can find some of them here.

Prolife with Exceptions?
What about the “Exceptions?”

I know of very few “exceptions” who advocate for abortion. Rebecca Keissling, conceived in rape, is glad that the “exceptions” myth didn’t wipe out her life! And she’s a staunch prolife speaker and advocate. Moms who become moms from rare or have children with special needs love their children as much as anyone. Those who have special needs are usually glad to be alive. Even those who deal with depression or mental health issues aren’t “better off never being born”! Aren’t we glad that God didn’t have “exceptions” when He gave His Son for us? Aren’t you glad God sees things differently from how we see them?

Prolife with Exceptions?
Let’s Stop Setting Limits

We don’t want to be seen as fanatical. Those without “exceptions” are seen as “extremists.” Also, in good faith, we may not see how women can be “forced” to carry babies to term. I sympathize, especially in the case of rape victims and those told that their babies have genetic conditions. I sincerely hope, that as a mom, I’ll never have to deal with my daughter facing a sexual assault pregnancy! In our pro-choice family, she would be pressured to get an abortion. I would have to go against them to ensure that she choose life in that trauma. And I don’t think parents should be coerced into getting prenatal testing. In fact, I think we need reforms in prenatal testing. Best of all, we need to keep working diligently to ban all abortion. At the same time, we need stronger and better laws. These laws should make alternatives more appealing to women. So let Congress hear from us. Sign the petition below. Then share it!

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Prolife with Exceptions?

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