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Does Abortion Advance Women’s Interests?

Does Abortion Advance Women's Interests?

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Does Abortion Advance Women's Interests?
Prolife Meme by Human Coalition

Don’t take away our health care!

Stand with Planned Parenthood! Stand with women.

Give women the right to choose.

Planned Parenthood serves women and saves lives!

Women need access to abortion!

Without abortion right forget women’s equality!

Does Abortion Advance Women’s Interests?
How Did Abortion Come to Be Seen As Pro-Women?

People widely see Planned Parenthood(PP) as advancing women’s interests. How is it that people who have never set foot in a PP can praise it? “Planned Parenthood is a wonderful charity!” people gush. Even today, I heard a family member say this! The person in question has never been inside PP’s doors. Years ago, then Presidential Candidate Al Gore declared: “Under my Presidency women’ll have the right to choose! And this right will never be taken way!” In pro-abortion rallies, women will hold up signs like: “Take the rosaries off our ovaries!” and “Don’t take our birth control away!” “Planned Parenthood provides free health care for poor women!” people declare passionately.

Does Abortion Advance Women’s Interests?
Abortion Makes Women Equal with Men?

Women have always wanted to be equal with men. They came to see abortion and contraception as equalizers. So birth control devices and abortion have come to be seen as essential women’s rights. Pro-abortion advocates commonly refer to abortion as “choice” and “access to women’s health care.” PP’s tagline on their website is “care, no matter what.” When asked about his opposition to a prolife law, President Obama stated, “It may threaten care.”

Does Abortion Advance Women’s Interests?
Was Abortion Always Seen As Pro-Women?

Abortion wasn’t always seen this way. Early feminists like Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Alice Paul, and others, opposed abortion. So do today’s prolife feminists. They declare that “Abortion is a sign of women’s oppression not women’s equality.” Granted, abortion was illegal when the early feminists opposed it. Would they have opposed legal abortion? I had reviewed Prolife Feminism: Yesterday and Today on another blog. It provides essays written by early feminists like the ones mentioned above. They celebrated pregnancy and motherhood as totally natural.

Does Abortion Advance Women’s Interests?
Not Always Seen As Pro-Woman

Early feminists deplored abortion as men exploiting women for their own gain. So how did abortion come to be seen as pro-women? According to their “About Me” info on their website, PP has been around for about 100 years. PP activists actively advanced their agenda well before Roe.vs Wade in 1973, according to Blessed Are the Barren: the Social Policy of Planned Parenthood. This book chronicles their agenda to legalize all birth control and abortion. This agenda is known as NARAL. Because of this society widely sees abortion and birth control as pro-women. So now we have “safe, legal abortion.” But has it made enhanced women’s interests? Has it furthered society’s interests?

Does Abortion Advance Women’s Interests?
Female Concerns and Objections

Abortion divides us along party lines. Sadly. It’s so bitterly divisive that the average pro-life Christian hesitates to talk about it. I feel nervous bringing it up! The topic does comes up in my household. Here are objections I hear that I know are typical: “You never will overturn Roe vs. Wade, ever. If it was made illegal, women would just put coat-hangers up themselves.” “Every woman should have the right to get an abortion, especially in the early weeks of pregnancy.” “Babies diagnosed with birth defects are better off aborted.” “Women who are raped should NOT be punished with a baby. If MY granddaughter were raped she would be getting an abortion!” “All these crimes against kids are proof that women should have abortions. These kids would have been better off aborted.” “Prolife is men telling women what to do.”

Yes, women are the ones who get pregnant. They’re the ones who must carry these babies to term. They’re the ones who often face the responsibilities of raising these children. Yes, abortion affects men also. That’s a topic I tried to tackle in an earlier post.

Does Abortion Advance Women’s Interests?
Showing What Serves Her

The prolife movement has an image. The majority of the general public see prolifers as caring for babies at the expense of women. I know this is unintentional. Prolifers care about women as much as babies, often using the phrase, “Love Them Both.” Birthright International, a pregnancy help nonprofit, uses “We Love Them Both” as the tagline on their website. Pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) place women at the center of all they do. I have visited PRCs and done much research on them. Their websites bear the same thing out.

Does Abortion Advance Women’s Interests?
Pro-lifers, Don’t Do This

But many prolife advocates place the unborn at the center of what they do. By default, they come off as seeing women as almost adversaries of their babies. I know that some women get abortions for convenience or as a form of birth control. Many prolifers are reacting to these kind of women. But from research and experience I know many women are coerced or lured into abortion. Many may not know about or how to access alternatives. Why do women widely know about PP but may not know about PRCs? Can this have something to do with why abortion has become wedded with women’s rights? Can it have something to do with why prolifers are seen as caring more for babies than for women?

Click the button below to keep sharing a petition to Congress, insisting the ALL caring professionals be required to notify clients of alternatives below. If you haven’t signed it yet do so! Wouldn’t this advance the true interests of women? Even before they are born?

Does Abortion Advance Women's Interests?

Does Abortion Advance Women's Interests?

The above photo is courtesy of Human Coalition.

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