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Protecting the Disabled Starts Before Birth

Protecting Disabled Starts Before Birth!

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Protecting Disabled Starts Before Birth
Photo Courtesy of  Melissa Thomas

Disability rights!

We don’t want pity! We want acceptance and inclusion!

It’s our world too!

Accept us for who we are!

Nothing about us without us!

Protecting Disabled Starts Before Birth
Some Background of Disability Discrimination

Discrimination of those with disabilities has a long history. Here’s a quick summary. In ancient times such individuals typically faced ostracism, even from their families. They were treated as second-class or third-class citizens. You can read the Bible accounts of those disabled persons Jesus healed. As time went on, the standing of the disabled didn’t improve much. They often lived in institutions with many others with disabilities. Typically they were deemed as needing physical protection from the world. In being “protected” the outside community couldn’t see them. They were invisible.

protecting Disabled Starts Before Birth!

Things are better in modern times. Still, much remains to be done. As we entered more modern times more and more scientific discoveries were made. After public policy many institutions closed down. Many of these people were released into the community. They lived with their families or other relatives. They often grew up in special class settings or survived in regular education. But did things truly improve?

Protecting Disabled Starts Before Birth
The Disabled and the Church

Conditions in society had improved. That’s true especially for those with physical disabilities. They were more likely to grow in in regular education and be gainfully employed as adults. Those with invisible disabilities, such as mental illness and mental disabilities or neurological conditions, seemed to do less well. And what about the Church of Jesus Christ and those with disabilities?

Protecting Disabled Starts Before Birth
Personal Experience

According to research and my own experience, it seemed that disability awareness was scant among Christians. When the disability awareness was addressed it touched on the severely disabled. I have never seen disabled people serving in any position of leadership. Few of the and their families join our congregations that I have known about. We were once in a congregation that was an exception and I’m sure there are other exceptions. The same holds true in Christian education. The result? Many children and adults with all types of disabilities are unreached. People with disabilities may be the most unreached people group among us.

Protecting Disabled Starts Before Birth
Abortion and Disability Discrimination

Disability discrimination begins before birth. Courtesy of the eugenics movement, abortion is often pushed on cerain. Parents who learn that their babies may have special needs. I know this from experience. My pregnancy was deemed a “high risk pregnancy.” This was because I was diagnosed with Marfan’s Syndrome. Marfan’s is a genetic disorder and affects the heart’s aorta, the eyes and one’s connective tissues. Also, I was diagnosed with epilepsy, which has been fully controlled by medication for over 20 years. The clinic I was using referred me to a geneticist. He offered me amniocentesis. “If the amnio shows a birth defect, you can always terminate the pregnancy.”

My husband and I stated that we believed that life begins at conception. He said, “Well, you’re just being offered abortion as an option in the case of a poor prenatal diagnosis. It’s legal.” One of my doctors, a neurologist, told me that he advises all his patients: “Don’t get pregnant.” Research bears out this eugenics culture. According to an article, some 90 percent of parents abortion unborn children diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome, according to an article that can be read here. I’m sure the abortion rate is similar for other diagnosed genetic conditions.

Protecting Disabled Starts Before Birth
Be Part of the Solution

We live in a culture strongly influenced by eugenics. I see it in my own family! Wen the topic of poor prenatal diagnosis comes up, I hear that abortion is the answer. “Why should a baby be born if he’s going to suffer all his life?” “It’s irresponsible to bring a baby with birth defects into this world. What a devastating way to go through life.” Months ago, I read the article headlines that 60 percent of Americans support abortion in the case of the Zika virus (source unknown).

Protecting Disabled Starts Before Birth!
Be Part of the Solution!

How can we be part of the solution? Well, we Christians need to educate ourselves about various disabilities. Are you in leadership? Invest in accommodations to include them in our congregations. Preach and teach disabilities awareness. Include those with disabilities in church life. Consider them for leadership positions. We in the prolife movement need to continue celebrating the lives of those with disabilities. We should do more about addressing their rights as born people. This avoids the idea that we are just “pro-birth.” I applaud those who adopt or foster children with special needs. More of you in the position to adopt ought to consider special needs adoption.

In the meantime, will you take a simple and inclusive action?

Support a petition that is inclusive and protects those with or without disabilities! If you can’t sign it because you’re out of the US or have already signed, will you kindly share it so others can support it?

Ban All Abortion & Strengthen Its Alternatives!

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Protecting Disabled Starts Before Birth!

Featured image courtesy of Human Coalition.

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