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Stop Bashing Pro-Abortion Politicians N Advocates


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Stop Bashing Pro-Abortion Politicians N Advocates
Political Meme

That woman is a wicked witch!

She’s a snake!

He is a mass murderer!

She is a baby killer!


Stop Bashing Pro-Abortion Politicians N Advocates
The Current Political Landscape

It’s a toxic political landscape. Anyone following the news at all knows this. Politics has always brought out the worst in us. Nasty, misleading attack ads flood TV networks. This year has seen dirty politics reach new lows. I have been hearing the hate at home. I have been reading of this here, all over the Internet. On Christian sites and pro-life sites, the vitriol isn’t as bad. But it’s still there.

Stop Bashing Pro-Abortion Politicians N Advocates
Toxicity and the Abortion Debate

I have seen hostile comments directed to pro-abortion politicians, like Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine. I’ve seen them leveled at Cecile Richards, the Planned Parenthood CEO, and others. I understand why this is. These pro-abortion activists support and enable the killing of innocent babies. This isn’t okay and we should speak up against it. But directing hostility, vitriol, and ill will toward these activists won’t change anything. We need to expose evil without being obnoxious about it. I see posts that suggest that these individuals are pure evil incarnate, with no redeeming qualities. To you I quote Abraham Lincoln: “There is no much evil in the best of us and so much good in the worst of us that we shouldn’t speak ill of any of us.” Can I get an amen?

Stop Bashing Pro-Abortion Politicians and Advocates
Abortion As A Polarizing Issue

Abortion is a polarizing issue. This is why it’s an act of courage to talk about it. I find it saddening that the divide is often along partisan lines. That’s why I provide an embedded petition Making Fighting for the Unborn a Bi-Partisan Issue! in the sticky post on this site. At this time it’s seen as a “conservative” and “Republican” issue. How do we deal with this partisan divide? We’re to continue to speak out against the pro-abortion agenda where we find it, even in the GOP. For some Republican politicians support abortion. We handle the deep divide in the U.S. by celebrating what we’re for instead of railing at what we’re against.

Many have made abortion advocates evil incarnate. I don’t condone their sin! In regard to Hillary Clinton, people have been known to rant: “Hang that traitor! Hang that traitor!” “Lock her up! Lock her up!” and “Don’t vote for this b—-!” While we may not agree with them, the other side are equally passionate about “protecting women’s rights.” How do we deal with them? Those of us who follow Jesus know that prayer is our power. This isn’t because of anything about us. It’s because of the Person Whom we pray to. So don’t rail at pro-abortion activists and politicians. Pray for them!

Stop Bashing Pro-Abortion Politicians and Advocates
Where Our Hope Is Found

Putting a Republican in the White House and in both Houses of Congress won’t save us. We’ve seen that the GOP, in their own way, have exhibited moral cowardice and compromises with their own values. And what about their frequent ties to Wall Street? Their desire to give tax breaks to the wealthy? Ignoring social-economic issues facing so many in society? Every election season, politicians make their pitches to us. So often they plead: “Vote for me and I’ll fix this mess!” They tell us, in effect, that they’ll be our saviors. Newsflash: No politician or activist can save us.

Politicians can’t save us. They have no more power than God allows them to have. They may have some power; they may have lots of power. But God has power over them. I know it seems like He gives many politicians a lot of rope. We must remember that unless they repent, the ropes they have will hang them. For this reason, we pray for their salvation, repentance and conversions.

In the meantime, consider doing something positive. Something that can effect change! I’m challenging you to view the pdf file I attached to this post. Consider downloading it and printing up a paper version of a prolife petition. It’s Defund Planned Parenthood AND Fund Alternatives!. Then try to gather signatures from like-minded contacts you know. Do the best you can. Then scan the paper petition with the signatures and send it to me as an attachment at ldesherl@gmail.com. Thank you for making a positive difference!

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Stop Bashing Pro-Abortion Politicians N Advocates!

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