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Let’s Make Protecting the Unborn Bi-Partisan!

Open Letter 2 Democratic Chair Tom Perez

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Let's Make Protecting the Unborn Bi-Partisan!
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Vote prolife. What does this usually mean?

Vote Republican.

Support prolife politicians. What does this normally mean?

Support Republican politicians.

Let’s Make Protecting Unborn Bi-Partisan!
Current Situation

Protect the unborn! Yes, we must do that, especially because the law doesn’t protect them. Why is it such a struggle? Why is the word abortion linked so strongly with politics in people’s minds? Because of this, and because politics polarizes us, the abortion debate remains highly partisan and divisive. Democrats in political leadership frame this debate as women’s reproductive freedom and healthcare. Sadly, protecting the unborn has become a “Republican” issue, while Democrats frame this debate as “abortion rights” and “women’s healthcare.” The general tendency of Republican leadership to protect the unborn would be an unmixed blessings. But the fact is that their policies tend to hurt born people. Especially those who are vulnerable.

Let’s Make Protecting Unborn Bi-Partisan!
Neither Party Consistently Pro-Life

Can’t we be consistently pro-life? Most people know the GOP as espousing policies that benefit the wealthy, like tax cuts and laws that benefit corporate America. Their policies tend to hurt low-income citizens, those with disabilities, single parents, and minority families and individuals. Democrats are good about social justice issues while ignoring the unborn and denying them their right to live. Sadly, their pro-abortion stance must be a deal-breaker even for those among us who care deeply about social justice issues (which Republicans tend to ignore). Is there any resolution for this quandary?

Let’s Make Protecting Unborn Bi-Partisan!
Why We need Democrats in Prolife Advocacy

Calling pro-life Democrats! Many in the prolife community, I fear, may see pro-life Democrat as an oxymoron. This is unfortunate and shows how the Democratic leadership isn’t only deceived but are deceiving others. They suppress the voices of Democrats who disagree with them on abortion. Planned Parenthood(PP) has paid of these Democrat leaders. To stay electable, they don’t permit dissent within their party and fear that they’ll fall out of favor with PP. PP help fund Democratic candidates. What I find most disheartening are that those who used to identify as pro-life Democrats, tend “flip plop” on abortion Examples are former Vice President (to Bill Clinton) Al Gore and former Congressman Richard Gephardt.

Let’s Make Protecting Unborn Bi-Partisan!
More Recent Developments

Recently, Democratic Vice President to Candidate Clinton, Tim Kaine, has identified as pro-life Democrat. We can criticize them as selling out their principles. But it shows the sad state of the Democratic Party, how comepletely PP own that party. Things must change, and we need Democrats to join us in fighting for the unborn. They can only do that if the Democratic leadership will permit dissent within their party. Democratic leadership, give pro-life Democrats a voice!

Let’s Make Protecting the Unborn Bi-Partisan!
Ideas On How to Make This Work

Pro-life Democrats needed! How do we make this work? We need to welcome those in the pro-life movement who identify as Democrat. We need to appeal to those in Democratic leadership. They are the ones who can permit pro-life Democrats a voice. This means allowing pro-life Democrats to be elected not just at local but at state and federal levels. The late Bob Casey, Sr, was a pro-life Democrat who served as Governor of Pennsylvania. He fought for the unborn within his party and was popular. Republicans respected him. Planned Parenthood sued him, and they won the suit. We need more pro-life Democrats like the late Bob Casey, Sr..

Please support a petition. Below, I embedded a petition to Donna Brazile, current head of the Democratic Party. It’s an appeal to her to allow pro-life Democrats to have a voice within the Party, and to allow them to get elected without fear of their voices being suppressed. You don’t have to be a pro-life Democrat to sign or share. You only need to recognize that fighting for the unborn must be bi-partisan. You can sign this petition right on this page.

Please sign the embedded petition below, even if you don’t identify as Democrat. You need not leave the page to sign it.

Then visit this website and see how you can support Democrats for Life.

Get updates by clicking the feed ball image below.

Let's Make Protecting Unborn Bi-Partisan!

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