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September 10, Day 2 Remember Unborn

September 10, Day 2 Remember Unborn

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I have placed Your ordinances before me. I cling to Your testimonies O LORD... Psalm 119:30-31

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September 10, Day 2 Remember Unborn
Prolife Memorial

September 10, Day 2 Remember Unborn
Remember All Lost Lives

September 10. Day of remembering the unborn? When that day comes to mind, what do you think of? Do you think of it as the day before September 11? The day before the worst terrorist attack on American soil? If so, I can’t say I blame you. This culture doesn’t encourage us to remember the lives of the unborn. In fact, it discourages this. In a Western culture and certainly in the US, we have come to accept legalized abortion. We’ve come to think of it as choice, as reproductive freedom, and even as healthcare. If it’s a choice, a right and even healthcare, what is there to remember? What is there to mourn or grieve?

September 10, Day 2 Remember Unborn</>
Why Controversial?

Usually, anniversaries of death are no-brainers. They aren’t controversial. We give funerals for lost loved ones, spending time and dollars on them. Our news outlets will frequently interrupt regular programming with news of mass killings or terrorist attacks. Yet, abortion kills over 3500 babies daily. Never will the media cover their deaths. No one does funerals for them. Once kill they’re disposed of and forgotten. Only those who identify as prolife or abolitionist will remember them. September 10 has been set aside to focus on these unseen lives. While we don’t want to get morbid by focusing on death, we want to show respect for them by remembering. THat includes abortion victims.

September 10, Day 2 Remember Unborn
Why they Must Not Be Forgotten

September 10. Those who identify as pro-life or abolitionist often set it aside. They strive to focus on those lost to abortion. Those whom we remember don’t need us to set aside special times or days for them. But we need these times of remembrance! In the daily grind of life, it gets so easy to forget. In the Bible, many accounts of sin and failure happen because people forget what they were delivered from. When we forget important things, we may become complacent, bored or lose our perspective. Those of us who know the truth about abortion need to remember those lost to it.

September 10, Day 2 Remember Unborn
Keep Speaking Up

Doing that keeps us motivated to continue to speak up for them. Most in out culture, our local churches and our families don’t encourage us in these efforts. In fact, they normally discourage us! Remembering those who have lost their lives also respects them and their memories. And so we extend this same respect to the unborn. Another group of people can be comforted by this time. These are those who have had or participated in abortions. They can use this time to mourn the babies lost and admit that they have suffered loss at their own hand. They can ask and get forgiveness from God in Christ–the same forgiveness we all need. Most pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) offer afterabortion support. You can locate one in your area by CLICKING HERE. There’s hope for you.

September 10, Day of Remembering the Unborn
We Can Remember and Honor Them

What can we do on September 10 as a day to remember the unborn? To make sure those lost to abortion aren’t forgotten? We can do many things that can prevent and end abortion. We can try to volunteer or donate supplies or money to our local PRCs. Find the link in the earler paragraph to locate a center in your area. Many of us can go to our local Planned Parenthood facilities. Outside of these facilities we can pray for the women and men going inside, for the babies about to be killed. Pray for all the abortion workers there. Some of us may consider becoming “sidewalk counselors.” These are prolife workers who plead with moms for their babies’ lives. They hand out prolife info. Those of us with resources can consider adoption or traveling to appeal to Congress on behalf of the unborn.

Not all of us can do “big things” to fight for life. But all of us, no matter wha our circumstances, can do something. Find the button below and sign the petition there. After the attached letter to your local Member of Congress. If you’re outside the US, you can share this post to spread the word to your friends in the US so they can sign.

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September 10, Day 2 Remember Unborn

In honor of the unborn, click the button below to sign a petition to ban abortion and strengthen is alternatives.

September 10, Day of Remembering the Unborn

The above photo is by George Bannister and is licensed under Creative Commons 2.0 A Generic License.

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