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Defunding Planned Parenthood Enough?

Defunding Planned Parenthood Enough?

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Is Defunding Planned Parenthood Enough?
Meme Based on Family Photo

Defund Planned Parenthood now!

Shut down Planned Parenthood!

Hold Planned Parenthood accountable!

Prosecute Planned Parenthood!

Expose Planned Parenthood!

Yes, for months the calls to disciplinary action for Planned Parenthood have raged on. Supporters of Planned Parenthood have come out on the defensive, with their counter-calls:

Stand with Planned Parenthood!

Protect Planned Parenthood!

Stop the attacks on Planned Parenthood!

So how do we deal with these raging “culture wars”?

Is Defunding Planned Parenthood Enough?
Why Defund Planned Parenthood?

The call to defund this organization is not because government funding for abortion, itself. Funds don’t go for the estimated 330,000 abortions that Planned Parenthood oversees a year. An amendment has seen to it that no tax $$$ go to abort babies. Outrage comes from undercover videos that have surfaced, and which are in themselves controversial. Planned Parenthood opponents hold that the videos are a genuine expose of Planned Parenthood. Supporters of Planned Parenthood (PP) hold that these videos are heavily edited and doctored. It is unclear, but what is clear is that while Planned Parenthood is the largest provider of abortions as well as of hormonal contraceptives (many that can act as abortifacients and are funded by tax $$$). There are other providers for abortions and abortifacients but PP is the biggest.

Is Defunding Planned Parenthood Enough?
Prolife Meme

Is Defunding Planned Parenthood Enough?
Why Defunding Alone Isn’t Enough

Do we hold that life begins at conception? In the U.S., tax $$$ go to an organization that oversees 330,000 abortions a year. That’s Planned Parenthood (PP). If you’re prolife you’re being forced to fund an organization that oversees 330,000 murders a year. If you factor in taxp ayer-funded contraceptives with abortifacient properties, the government is funding very early abortions. Most supporters of Planned Parenthood truly feel that the organization providers primary health care for women. Does it? PP claims they are health care providers for women. Most who support them agree with them. This includes those who have used PP and those who haven’t set foot in a pp facility. Now our culture defines abortion and contraceptives as women’s healthcare. But research and testimonies have indicated that PP have embellished, even lied about their claims. “Services” PP claims they provide, arn’t as comprehensive as touted. There is a real fear that there will be a health care crisis if Planned Parenthood is defunded. Yet there are an estimated 13,000 community clinics where no abortions are done. They provide comprehensive care for women and families. Do women know about these clinics? Has our culture convinced them that they “need abortion?” Would this keep them from even considering alternatives? THat may be true of the so-called “hard-core aborters.” But many women aren’t aware of their options.

Is Defunding Planned Parenthood Enough?
How You Can Help

You may wonder, What can I do about this? You may have signed petitions calling for a mere ban for PP funding. But these petitions don’t go beyond this. They don’t address alternatives for the same women who may use PP. Some “Defund PP” petitions seem to be nothing more than “email grabs” or fundraisers. I’ve created a petition that actually supplements all the outraged prolife calls to simply strip Planned Parenthood of all government funds. The petition calls on Congress to move those $$$ to the 13,000 community health clinics. Congress is challenged to expand Medicaid. An option is to allow OB/GYNS more incentives to care for poor women. The petition challenges Congress to provide financial subsidies for single parents and low-income families. Congress cannot or will not implement everything proposed in this petition. I get that. But implementing some of these measures would be a good start in the right direction. It would eliminating a reason many abortions are sought: the lack of accessible alternatives.

Thank you if you have already signed this petition. SHARE it with your own friends, again. If you have not yet signed it, I call on you to add your name. Click the banner below. Already signed? Share this post or click the banner below and share from the page. Thank you.

Petition - Congress, Fund Life-Affirming Health & Social Services for Women & Families! - GoPetition

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Defunding Planned Parenthood Enough?

The above photo is courtesy of LiveACtion.org.

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