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Abortion Ban Enough?

Abortion Ban Enough?Pro-Life Meme

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Is An Abortion Ban Enough?
Prolife Meme

Ban abortion!

Abolish abortion!

End abortion!

Make abortion illegal!

Overturn Roe vs. Wade!

Abortion Ban Enough?
Incrementalism in Prolife Work

The majority of us in the prolife want to ban abortion. Make it illegal. Abolish it. The first part of this site is titled “Ban Abortion.” The second part is titled, “Protect Babies.” It’s a laudable thing to work to make abortion illegal. Abortion is an injustice and violence against a people group. An unseen people group. A vulnerable people group. Recognizing this, prolife workers seek to offer alternatives to abortion as they support restrictions on it. Restrictions not a ban.

Abortion Ban Enough?
Incremental Changes?

This is known as incrementalism. What does this long word mean? Incrementalism seeks to effect change, but in increments. This is the typical approach to prolife activism. That’s why abortion restrictions vary from state to state. Many states now have “Parental Consent” laws. Politicians of these states have passed these laws so that minors will be accountable to their parents even in this. Some states have banned abortions after 20 weeks. This gestation stage is when we believe the unborn can feel pain. Some states have passed Ultrasound laws. These laws require docrors to parents ultrasounds of their babies. Prolife politicians hope this will save many babies’ lives. Findings show that most women who see their babies on ultrasound choose life for their babies. Some states have defunded Planned Parentood. Some states have legislation Protecting babies with Down’s Syndrome. All incremental pieces of legislation. They protect some babies and not the rest.

Abortion Ban Enough?
Abolition and Pro-life Work

Abolition is the opposite of incrementalism. Abolitionists hate incrementaism. They view it as the enemy of change. They want abortion banned today! Modern abortion abolition is an ideology that hasn’t been around that long. CLICK HERE to learn more. As I have read and studied the site, it’s clear that their issue isn’t so much with the pro-choice community. Astonishingly, their main issue is with the prolife movement!

Abortion Ban Enough?

In a way I can understand. Pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) outnumber Planned Parenthood (PP) facilities. Prolife activists have worked for over four decades to get the prolife message out. Yet, tragically, abortion continues to kill some 3500 U.S. babies daily. Abortion abolitionists take note of this and wonder, “What will it take to outright end this child sacrifice? What will it take to end all abortions? No exceptions? No compromises?” I agree with abolitionists. Yet is a ban enough?

<b?Abortion Ban Enough?
Beyond Making It Illegal?

What will those facing crisis pregnancies do unless alternatives are strengthened? And another one is added to replace abortion? Abolitionists seem to just want an abortion ban. Banning abortion, by itself, will only increase illegal abortions. I agree with pro-choice people here. Those in crisis need alternatives to abortion to be made even better. They also need an option to replace abortion. Sadly, there seems no way to get prolifers and abolitionists to unify and work together. I observe too much mud-slinging on both sides. It’s sad, especially among people who love Jesus and people.

Abortion Ban Enough?
Needed: Stronger Alternatives to Abortion

An abortion ban isn’t enough. We need to strengthen adoption laws. Laws surrounding parenting for singles and law-income parents need to be improved. How about legislating an option that is already widely available for many neglectful and abusive parents? Two-year foster care, while not ideal, would save babies. Many parents choose abortion because they know that they “can’t parent now” but can’t bear adoption. Adoption is permanent and final. Two-year foster care would motivate parents who want children “but not now.” It would be an incentive to those who can’t parent ‘just yet.” If we strengthen adoption laws, more parents may adopt. More birth parents may choose adoption instead of abortion. The same holds true of parenting laws. How can we make this work? Many of us can’t travel and deal with lawmakers face-to-face. But we can sign a petition; we can send the letter that goes with it. It’ll go to our own Members of Congress. Hit the button below. Find the petition page. Add your name to it. Then read the accompanying letter to your Member of Congress. Tweet it. Share it on Facebook and on Google. Outside the U.S.? Then simply share this post with your pro-life friends who live in this u.S.!

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Abortion Ban Enough? Enough?

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