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Practical Ways 2 End Abortion

Practical Ways 2 End Abortion

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Practical Ways 2 End Abortion
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What are practical ways to end abortion? Abortion kills some 3500 babies daily.

What are practical ways to end abortion? As long as it remains legal, what can we do?

What are practical ways to end abortion? After much prolife work, the law still doesn’t protect the unborn.

What are practical ways to end abortion? Each of us can do something!

Practical Ways 2 End Abortion
Direct Assistance

1).What if you get the news that your daughter faces an unplanned pregnancy? Yes, that’s traumatic but your rejection won’t help. Stand by her! Offer to take her to a Pregnancy Resource Center. CLICK HERE to locate your local pregnancy resource center. They’ll help her in many ways and stand with her after she gives birth. Be her best ally!

2). Have time and resources? Take a pregnant woman into your home. Assist her. Stay by her throughout her prgnancy and afterward!

3). Have time and skills to share? Volunteer at a local pregnancy resource center (PRC). Donate money. Buy maternity or baby clothes. Donate supplies or books. You can locate your local PRC. CLICK HERE to locate your local PRC.

4). Have transportation and time? Pray outside of your local Planned Parenthood. Consider becoming a sidewalk counselor. Plead with moms to choose life for their babies. Tell them they can call 1-800-712-HELP (4357) and that they can text “Helpline” to 313131. Show them that they have options!

5). Can’t intervene outside of your local Planned Parenthood? You can do online sidewalk counseling! Do this! CLICK HERE to visit this abortion forum. Set up an account there. Send private messages to the women and share with them the https://optionline.org link. Find yourself banned? Saving one baby and one mom from abortion is worth it all!

6). Know someone facing a crisis pregnancy? Encourage them to choose life. Tell them about local PRCs. Get them connected with their local pregnancy resource center!

7). If you are in the position to do it, adopt. Consider adopting an older child. Adopt one with special needs. Even adopt or a sibling group.
This rescues children and witnesses to your community.

8).If it is for you, take in foster children. I do not think there is an age limit for this. There’s a need for Christ-centered foster care homes. Also, you may be able to give foster care to a baby who otherwise would have been aborted!

9).Are you or a family member facing an unplanned pregnancy? Get to a pregnancy resource center. Visit Optionline. It’s full of info for how to get help and provides a list of all pregnancy resource centers by state. Call 1-800-712-HELP (4357) or text “Helpline” to 313131. Resist any family pressure to get an abortion!

10). What if you learn that your son has gotten a girl pregnant? Challenge him to take responsibility for the baby he has helped conceived. This is human decency. This may save a baby and a mom from abortion.

Practical 2 to End Abortion
Education N Awareness

1). Educate yourself about abortion and fetal development. Read books by those who have had abortions. Visit prolife websites to educate yourself.

2). Educate yourself about adoption, various disabilities and other issues surrounding sanctity of human life.

3). Stand up for your prolife convictions in conversation. Do this especially when others ask questions about abortion issues.

4). Write prolife letters to you local newspaper Editor. Share any experience you have with an unplanned pregnancy.

5). Share your prolife story! Tell how you became opposed to abortion and an advocate for the unborn. CLICK HERE where you can draft your story and submit it!

6). Are you inclined to setting up blogs or websites? Set up a blog or website. Devote it to the end of ending abortion and protecting babies.

7). If you have a blog or website, link it to resources for those in crisis pregnancies or who have had abortions.
These include: https://www.care-net.org/find-a-pregnancy-center and https://hopeafterabortion.com.

8). If you have a blog or website, publish the phone number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, which is:1-800-273-TALK (8255). This is a toll-free number.

9).Place prolife bumper stickers on your car wind shield.

10).Raise your son to take responsibility for himself and his decisionss. This includes taking responsibility for the children he fathers. This assumes that he knows he has fathered a child! Some women “make the abortion choice” behind the man’s back.

11). Raise your children to respect themselves and their bodies. Instill in them that life should be protected from conception to natural death.

12). Have time? Research which businesses donate to abortion facilities. Write to these businesses about your convictions.

13). Have aptitude for public speaking or writing? Use your talents for the unborn!

Practical Ways to End Abortion


1). CLICK HERE to sign a 100% prolife petition on Change.org. It calls for a ban on abortion. It calls for strengthening alternatives. It calls for a new alternative to replace abortion.

2). CLICK HERE to sign this same prolife petition on CitizenGo.org.

3). CLICK HERE and sign this same 100% prolife petition at the PetitionSite.

4). Circulate these petitions. Use these shortlinks: chn.ge/28RGZdC, bit.ly/28XG0wi, and bit.ly/29haMvx. Be persistent! One day polticians will listen to us.

5). Have time and resources? Use them to appear before Congree on behalf of the unborn.

6). Vote prolife. Vote for those candidates and values that mean most to you. Vote to protect those who are unborn and born. This may seem hard, especially as sanctity of life and social justice issues get pitted against each other. This so often happens across party lines. Vote your conscience.

7). CLICK HERE to sign a Change.org petition to make two-year foster care for those facing unplanned pregnancies. Nationwide, this would be an option to replace abortion. Circulate this petition. Temporary foster care is available for even abusive or neglectful parents; why not for those with unplanned pregnancies?

8) Are you outside the U.S.? Do you have other abortion-related issues you want to see addressed? You can start a petition on Change.org to run a petition.

9). Do you have an aptitude for politics? Consider running for office at especially state and federal levels! Make protecting the unborn and ending abortion your priority. Run for office especially if you’re a Democrat! Unless protecting the unborn becomes a bi-partisan issue, abortion will never end! Needed: Pro-life Democrats in power!

10). There’s a current prolife petition where you can send a letter! Visit the petition platform here.

There are many other ways to help end abortion! You’re restricted to these.

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Practical Ways 2 End Abortion

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