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Abortion Affects Men Also

Abortion Affects Men Also

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Abortion Affects Men Also
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Abortion affects men also. They factor in every abortion decision.

Abortion affects men also. It takes two to make a baby, remember?

Abortion affects men also. Without them we can’t end it.

Abortion Affects Men
Not Just Between A Woman and Her Doctor

Abortion is widely defined as a woman’s issue. I know that, being a woman I’m not the best voice to speak to this. So pardon me if I may leave some things out; it’s unintentional. It’s forever true women get pregnant. She’s the one who deals with monthly cycles. She’s the one who has to change make changes in her lifestyle to protect her unborn child. Culture fills her with the notion that she must face her choice alone. She suffers the physical complications of pregnancy. She suffers the physical complication of abortion.

Abortion Affects Men
Fatherhood’s Importance

However, who fathered that baby? Who is the second party who helped conceive this baby? The boyfriend or the husband! I’m asssuming that he knows his mate is facing a pregnancy. He too ought to be involved in the choice his girlfriend or wife makes. The choice affects him on an emotional and spiritual level. But because this culture has convinced us that abortion is a woman’s issue, men often don’t take responsibility for the children they father. This is true especially if the pregnancy is unplanned. The practice of men bailing out on unwillingly pregnant girlfriends or wives is prevalent. It’s alarmingly common for people to say, “I don’t know who my father is.” This is sad. In the Bible, fathers aren’t secondary parents, as our culture defines them. He is central to his marriage and family life.

Abortion Affects Men Also
Personal Experience

Through my mom’s experience I can speak to this. I know my story is sadly far from unique. In mid-1959, mom, 16, learned that she was pregnant. No one in her family wanted her pregnant. That was pre-Roe was abortion wasn’t available to her. When her 18 year old boyfriend learned of her pregnancy, he was livid. He had to do something. And he did. He kicked his girlfriend in the stomach. What was that supposed to do? Maybe it was meant to induce a miscarriage. Maybe he was venting his anger. The 16 year old girl was my mom. her 18 year old boyfriend is my late biological dad. Outside of this, how did he handle Mom’s pregnancy? Not well.

My dad and mom did enter into a forced marriage for a year. “He led me a dog’s life. He abused and neglected us,” Mom recalls. She divorced him after a year. He faded out of my life and refused to pay Mom child support. Yes, unplanned pregnancies affect men. The choice made about them affects men. This is just one example of how men often react when wives or girlfriends face unplanned pregnancies. Today, with abortion being legal, boyfriends and husbands often bully women into abortion. Later, they may suffer guilt because they offered abortion instead of support to their partners. Yes, abortion affects men.

Women often aren’t guiltless. The girlfriend or wife may hide her pregnancy. Her boyfriend or husband has no choice in the matter. I know of certain men who tell of how they were left out of their partner’s abortion decision. Their partners may have aborted behind their backs. These men grieve the loss of their fatherhood. Yes, whatever their reaction to an unplanned pregnancy, abortion affects men! It’s not just between the woman and her doctor. It’s not just a woman’s business! We all are affected by abortion. Stop the “It’s her business only” life.

Abortion Affects Men Also
Call for Responsible Fathers

Fatherhood is marginalized. Our culture treats it as a secondary parenting role. Not right! God revealed Himself as our Father, not our Mother. Many fathers don’t see their role as being as important as that of the moms of their children. It’s not this way in the Bible. In Scripture, the command to parents to train their children in the Lord is given to fathers first. Then it’s given to moms. God doesn’t marginalize fatherhood; he sees it as significant.

A father is important for his daughter’s sexual identity. A close relationship with dad can keep her from being vulnerable to predatory males. The role of a dad in his son’s life cannot be underestimated. So many men with cold, selfish dads grow up to abuse drugs, have major psychiatric issues, or turn to lives of crime. I know such men! It’s called a “dad-shaped hole” that so many dysfunctional individuals are trying to fill. But so many men have bought into the lie of our culture that dads aren’t as important to their children as are moms. Therefore they so often don’t take responsibility for children they father. This is certainly true of these children are unplanned.

Abortion Affects Men
Men, You can Help End Abortion

I wonder how many abortions could have been prevented if the dads would have supported their girfriends or wives. But isn’t it “the woman’s choice”? Maybe many of these men we’re even told about their children. Newsflash ladies: It isn’t “your choice alone”! It’s his also. He has the right AND the responsibility to take part in the decision. Ladies, the demand to make it “our choice” hurts babies and men. I’m not being anti-women here. I think this is the number one way to prevent many abortions! Men, take responsibility for the children you father! That is, if she has clued you in about her pregnancy. If she hasn’t, it’s on her! Don’t knowingly let her and your baby down! If she aborts behind your back, I feel for you. But not if you knew and didn’t support her and your baby. It took two to make that baby; it takes two to raise her. This is why abortion affects men AND women.

Pregnancy resource centers normally have support services for dads also. Pregnancy and postabortion services! CLICK HERE to locate a pregnancy resource center in your area.

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Abortion Affects Men

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