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Thinking About Abortion? Try This

Planned Parenthood 2 States; Next?

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Thinking about abortion? Try this.

You are one of those girls or women who are facing a pregnancy that you have not planned. Maybe you planned it but the your baby has a poor prenatal diagnosis. Maybe you have a medical condition that can affect your health during your pregnancy. Maybe You are still in your teens and are not ready to be a parent. You may want your baby but she has a poor prenatal diagnosis. You may be one of the unfortunate “exceptions” who faces a sexual assault pregnancy. You may be the parent, grandparent, boyfriend, or husband of a pregnant woman in crisis.

Thinking About Abortion? Try ThisYes You’re Facing a Difficult Situation!

Whatever the case, you are likely to be scared, confused and depressed. In most cases, one option comes to mind. I would be surprised if abortion never crossed your mind. You wonder if you should get an abortion. You know that if you get one, you need to do it early. They say that if you wait to get that abortion, it will be more painful and risky. It’ll cost you more bucks. If you love someone in this crisis, you are likely to want her to abort. Your culture has told you that because it is legal, it is okay. Your daughter or girlfriend or wife can go on as before. No one need know! Why put her through that? Why should she bear the stigma? Right?

Thinking About Abortion? Try ThisWhat about Your Family?

I know that many of you identify as believers. Still you may still be severely tempted. You may know that your family, pastor and others from your local church family are prolife. You sense that they would strongly disapprove if you get that abortion. You’ll be going against all they hold dear. What about the nearest Planned Parenthood in your area? You can do it secretly, can’t you? No one would ever know. They would keep your secret. If you are a Christian mom, husband or boyfriend, you may have identified yourself as prolife. Now however, someone you love is facing this situation. You know that your pastor would not approve of what you are tempted to do. You are considering driving her to the Planned Parenthood facility to get it done. No one need know, and all of you can go back to what you were like before, right?

Think again.

Thing about Abortion? Try ThisIs Abortion Your Only Option?

You may think abortion is the only option. You may think it is the best thing to turn to in your situation. It is a necessary evil. It’s not like you want to get this abortion. It doesn’t give you any pleasure to get your baby killed. You just want out of a difficult situation! Yes, you know about adoption. But you find it unthinkable to give away your baby to strangers. Why carry to full-term, and bond with your baby? Then you give her away after she is born? Pregnancy is a bonding time! But you cannot afford a baby! So you’re not ready to parent. This baby was not in your plan. What are you supposed to do? If abortion is not the only option, should you turn to a local church family? Those judgmental Christians?

Thinking about Abortion? Try thisYou’ve Got Options!

So what are your options? You may never have heard of pregnancy resource centers. If you haven’t, that is because the media don’t cover these centers. You need to know about them. You need to know there are more of them than there are Planned Parenthood facilities! Getting an abortion will cost you hundreds of dollars. These pregnancy resource centers provide all their services free. They’ll never take a penny from you. Their services include ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, and counseling. They also provide referrals to social and medical services, maternity clothes, baby clothes, toys, and diapers. Their services are confidential and they will protect your interests and that of your baby. They put you at the center of all they do.

You can call 1-800-712-HELP (4357).

You can text “Helpline” to 313131.

If you are pregnant and in crisis, visit this website and reach out for help! If someone you love is facing this, tell her about this website.

You can CLICK HERE to read about the story of one girl’s abortion.

This image and logo are provided courtesy of Optionline.org. Optionline is a registered trademark of Heartbeat International, a worldwide network of pregnancy help ministries all over the world.

Thinking About Abortion? Try This
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