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Save Animals? Save Babies?

Save Animals? Save Babies?Pro-Life Meme

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Save Animals? Save Babies?

Save animals? Save babies? Which one matters most?

Save Animals? Save Babies?
The Passion Surrounding A Cause

Animal causes always generate passion. People causes seem to flock to them. With passion. I’m not denying that advocates for people cause are passionate about what they do. I’ve often noticed that animal cause seem to attract more supporters than people causes. Animal rights activists constantly create petitions to save animal specific species. I remember the “Save the African Lions!” petition from years ago. Many thousands of supporters signed it. Remember Cecile the Lion and the outrage over her death. I can’t forget. The media gave major coverage to Cecile. Remember how people lambasted the dentist who killed her? Someone started a petition to bring the dentist who killed her, to justice. Thousands of people signed that petition.

Save Animals? Save Babies>
Animal Causes vs. Human causes?

I have a people petition on the PetitionSite. It calls for the law to protect the unborn. Not surprisingly, The PetitionSite often features animal rights petitions. When I see their Facebook page, animal rights petitions on their site show up on my Newsfeed. I see animal rights petitions on other platforms. Almost always, they are hugely popular “trending” campaigns.
Petitions for animals always attract thousands of signatures. Also, many people call for animal life to be considered equal to human life. I have heard people say honestly, “I care more about animals than people. Animals don’t do the evil things people do. They don’t hate like people do.” Wonder why people feel this way?

Save animals? Save babies?
Who is most vulnerable?

Animal rights activists see animals as more vulnerable than humans. This makes sense when you talk about average adults. Animals can’t speak up for themselves. They can’t defend themselves. They don’t have the moral awareness to do evil. Sure, they get violent. They kill each other and humans. But they do these things out of survival instincts. No premeditation is ever involved.
Therefore, animal rights often move people more than people rights. I get that. Evidence shows that people can abuse animals terribly. There’s no excuse for it. Study after study show that chidre who abuse animals end up abusing people. Serial killers often “start out” as animal abusers. My commericals show heart-wrenching footage of abused animals. This should not be. And animal rights activists do well to go to bat for them.

Save animals? Save babies? Whose life isn’t protected by law?
People and Animals

Animal rights supporters may miss something. Animal cruelty is illegal. It should be. I understand that it’s a felony in all 50 states. The law protects the lives of animals. Whose life does the law not protect? The unborn! Federal law allows abortion in all nine months of pregnancy. While animal rights petitions always gather thousands of signatures, the same isn’t always true of prolife petitions. Violated animal rights don’t polarize us. Violated unborn human rights do!

What cause is controversial? When have animal rights ever been seen as controversial? Does anyone talk about the “right to choose” to be cruel to animals? Does anyone talk about our “freedom” to abuse animals? Since when has anyone called animal abuse “care”? Yet abortion, the killing of babies, bitterly polarizes us. many of us view it as a “choice.” We view it is “reproductive freedom.” We even call it “health care.” The government even funds Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider. We may not fund abortions. But funding an abortion provider enables abortions to keep being done.

“Save the animals!” we cry. Yet we allow babies to die. Over 3500 of them daily!

Save Animals? Save Babies?
Current Situation

We give many excuses as to why abortion should stay legal. Yet something is seriously wrong with this. What is wrong with us when the law protects animals but not human babies? I know that women who face unplanned pregnancies face difficult decisions. These decisions can never be undone. In false compassion, we make abortion available to her. Get rid of the pregnancy. Get rid of the inconvenience. Go back to life as before! No one offers “the right to abuse animals” to those who face tough situations because of difficult pets. Animal rights laws may not aways be respected. The existence of animal rescue shelters proves this, or a I missing something?

Laws exist that protect aminals. They should exist! The laws don’t even pretend that unborn babies have the right to live. Why, many oppose protecting aborted babies who are born alive! We have gotten so used to abortion that we believe we can’t live without it. That is why any call to make it illegal can’t just make abortion illegal. Such legislation MUST include strengthening alternatives to abortion. Such legislation should even replace abortion with a new life-affirming alternative. Short of this, banning abortion would lead to more illegal abortions. Babies would still die. The Change.org petition below call for an abortion ban. It also calls for better laws to offer better and more abortion alternatives.

Animal rights advocacy shouldn’t conflict with prolife advocacy. Can’t we allow both to happen?

I urge you to SIGN or SHARE this petition!

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