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Vote 4 Lesser 2 Evils?

Vote 4 Lesser O Two EVils?

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God not Republican or Democrat
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Must we vote for the Lesser of two evils? During election years, we’re advised to “vote for the lesser of two evils.” This is true of we’re followers of Jesus. It’s true if we’re defenders of the unborn.
Vote for the lesser of two evils? Where in the Bible are we told to do that?

Vote 4 Lesser 2 Evils?
The Challenge

Must we vote for the lesser of two evils? Christian leaders and prolife leaders often say we should. We have no choice, we’re told. No political candidate is perfect. That’s not what this post is about. None of us is perfect and that includes political candidates. It’s when we have only two evils to choose from that many believe that we must settle for “the lesser of two evils.” Both candidates are evils. However, one is seen as even worse than the other.

Vote 4 Lesser 2 Evils?
Deal-Breakers in Voting?

Hence, the other is the lesser of the two evils. For example, take abortion. One candidate is pro-choice and wouldn’t protect the unborn. Yet this candidate, otherwise, shows integrity, character, compassion, and class. Outside of abortion, her policies and positions are life-affirming and solid. The second candidate professes to be prolife. He claims he’d protect the unborn. However, he’s exhibited serious character flaws. He’s been caught in lies. He seems to be in it for himself. Many of his policies would hurt citizens. So what do we do? We’re caught between a rock and a hard place when facing the voting booth. What a difficult decision!

Vote 4 Lesser 2 Evils?
The Challenge This Election

Must we vote for the lesser of two evils? This election year seems to be like no other. We’re confronted with two presumptive nominees. Both of them have serious character issues. One is perceived as being honest or trustworthy. According to the latest polls, 69 percent of U.S. voters don’t see Hillary Clinton as honest or trustworthy. Most of this is because of her email scandal. The GOP and the media won’t let the matter drop. And so this has affected the pubic’s perception of Clinton.

Vote 4 Lesser 2 Evils?
Contrasting the Two Candidates

On the Republican side, Donald Trump professes to be prolife. He says he’ll protect the unborn. He says he’ll appoint prolife justices to the Supreme Court. Yet his candidacy is problematic fr many of us. Many of his own fellow Republicans won’t endorse him. Trump has exhibited anger, immaturity and instability. We have caught him in many lies. He changes his mind on everything, frequently. He says whatever pops into his mind. Never mind how hurtful it is! He has hurt women, Hispanics, Blacks, and those with disabilities, with bullying remarks.

Donald Trump’s policies are authoritaran. He wants to withdraw most of our troops from military peacekeeping. He wants to build a wall to keep “illegal aliens” out. He demands that Mexico pay for this wall. He wants to re-instate waterboarding. And so on. Reports indicate that fraud looms huge in his past. His actions have put people out of their homes. He has defrauded many people. It seems we have two evils confronting us. Many of us are disturbed by a Clinton Presidency. We’re also disturbed by a Trump Presidency. If we want to protect the unborn, what should we do? If we want to honor Christ at the ballot box, what should we do?

Voting 4 Lesser 2 Evils?
Toward A Solution

Must we vote for the lesser of two evils? It seems that many people still think so. This election year, many people are supporting Donald Trump. Why? It’s not because they like him. It’s because they believe that under a Trump Presidency, more babies will be saved. They believe he’ll appoint Supreme Court justices who will embody Biblical principles. On the other hand, many people support Clinton only because they see her as the lesser of wo evils. They see that her policies won’t be authoritarian like Trump’s. They detest Trump so much they’ll vote for Clinton.

Must we settle? This is where Third Party candidates come in. Granted, we often see them as “spoilers.” So we don’t vote for them. They’d never win any election. However, may we consider that this is merely prgmatism? What about principle? What about conscience? A third party candidate may embody Biblical values more than the major party candidates. He may exhibit much more character than the two major candidates. He may be 100% prolife. He may be a strong follower of Jesus. But most of us feel we must “hold our noses” and vote for one of the major party candidates. Must we? If more of us voted our consciences, our elections outcomes may be very different! Must we vote for the lesser of two evils? No way! Let’s bear in mind that we’ll have to render account to God for how we voted!

Will you vote your conscience this early November?

CLICK HERE to examine this Third Party candidate’s website.

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Vote 4 Lesser 2 Evils?

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