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Another Abortion Alternative Needed

Another Abortion Alternative Needed!

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New Abortion Alternative Needed
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Another Abortion Alternative Needed!
Facing Crisis Pregnancies

Women find themselves in unplanned pregnancies. When they do, the culture tells them they have three options. They can terminate their pregnancies. They can raise their children. They can release them for adoption. Find yourself in such a pregnancy? Are you close to someone facing such a pregnancy? My guess is that you were told about abortion. “It’s your legal option.” Myself, when I was pregnant, the doctor offered pre-natal testing. He told me about the abortion option if my baby had a poor prenatal diagnosis. “You can terminate your pregnancy. It’s legal.” I rejected the test.

Another Abortion Alternative Needed!
The realities

The point is, when an unborn baby has (or can have) a poor prenatal diagnosis, guess what they’re told? “You can terminate your pregnancy. It’s legal.” Yet deep down, most of us know that abortion takes the life of a baby. Women who make this choice may be freed physically. But they won’t be freed emotionally or spiritually. The consequences of abotion are permanent. Once done, it can never be reversed. Another alternative to abortion is needed!

Current Abortion Alternatives’ Limitations

Those facing unplanned pregnancies have two life-affirming options. These are parenting and adoption. Pregnancy resource centers provide referrals for resources available to help single parents. They provide adoption referral services. I know that the culture believes that prolife advocates want to limit women’s options to save their babies. I must admit that it looks that way! For these two options have disadvantages for those facing unplanned pregnancies. Parenting usually means single-parenting.

Raising a child on your own carries many hardships for the single parent. She must play the role of two parents. Because of this, her child will be deprived of attention. She may be neglected in other ways. Adoption is child-centered. It usually gives a baby two loving parents. But placing a child in adoption is a painful sacrifice for the mom. She suffers the loss of a child who is alive and with someone else. She becomes a stranger to the child. It seems easier to abort a child you haven’t seen than to release a child that you’ve carried for nine months. We need a third option to replace abortion!

Another Abortion Alternative Needed?
Temporary Foster Care As A Third Option

This is where temporary foster care (TFC) comes in. Dysfunctional families in the system already have this option. Before permanent child remonal, the system gives them chances to straighten out their lives. Those facing unplanned pregnancies don’t have this option. Believe me, pregnancy resource centers would be telling their clients about temporary foster care if it was! But they don’t. I know that some prolife people criticise this option. “A child needs stability from the beginning” some say. “It’s cruel to take a child from a family she’s bonded with after two years,” others say. These are the very same people who oppose abortion!

Another Abortion Alternative Needed?
The Case 4 Option Three

I concede that temporary foster care isn’t perfect. It has disadvantages. Two-year temporary foster care deprives a child of stability in the first years of her life. But may I remind you: Abortion takes away her entire life! Seen as an abortion alternative, temporary foster care is far more humane for the baby. Such a child wouldn’t be available for adoption. So this won’t affect adoptive families. TFC lets the baby live and gives her the chance to re-unite with her parents shortly. For the parents, it assures them that they still have a chance to better themselves. The permanence of releasing a child for adoption can be avoided.
We should consider replacing abortion with two-year temporary foster care!

Take a few minutes to examine this petition calling for legislation of temporary foster care for those facing unplanned pregnancy. This petition is running on Change.org. If you have already signed this petition, circulate it! Share this post and spread the word.

Another Abortion Alternative Needed
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Another Abortion Alternative Needed?

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. I agree wholeheartedly. When I was in a position of having to give up my child there was no other option. I begged his father to come to my state and pick up our baby. I had already signed surrender papers but the judge said if he, the father, came for him custody would be transferred to him. I had arranged with the baby's paternal grandmother to take temporary custody and I would pay her child support. All her son had to do is come to get our son. Unfortunately he refused and we lost our son. This was before open adoption which would have been a wonderful alternative to closed adoption. I did find him years later but we no longer talk to each other. Within two years I was on my feet financially and could have supported both my children. I already had a three year old daughter. I'm sure with this option I could have been truly involved in his life while I worked on getting my life, financial, in order.

  2. Hello, Friend! Thank you for sharing your story. I'm sure there are many women in situations like yours. Temporary foster care would give many more women the incentive to chhose life for their babies. Parenting and adoption both can be unattractive options. A compromise is needed to save more babies.


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