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What Does Recent SCOTUS Decision Mean?

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What Does Recent SCOTUS Decision Mean?
Prolife Memorial Day

What does the recent SCOTUS decision mean?

What Does Recent SCOTUS Decision Mean?
The Ruling

If we were following the news, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) handed down a major ruling on abortion. The media called it “abortion rights.” In Texas, the Justices ruled that current regulations of Texas abortion restrictions could be lifted. Keep in mind that we’re talking about regulations surrounding abortions. That’s all. The SCOTUS ruling didn’t lift any abortion ban. What does this mean?

When the ruling was announced. many in the pro-abortion world cheered that women would have “unrestricted access to abortion care.” The ruling, though located in Texas, would set a precedent for other related state cases concerning abortion laws. Why is it that we demand regulations for other things but not for abortion? The other camp, the pro-life community, lamented the ruling as violating the safety of women and unborn children. “This ruling will just hurt women and babies that much more, they declared. But something is missing here. Something is being forgotten.

What Does Recent SCOTUS Decision Mean?
Why Abortion Restrictions?</>

What does the recent SCOTUS decision mean? It means that such rulings are entirely possible in other states. What are abortion restrictions? There are many such restrictions. Many of such laws have been passed in Many states. Those who call themselves abortion abolitionists have a term for this. They call abortion restrictions “incrementalism.” Such restrictions include imposing waiting periods on women who want abortions. This would give them more time to think about their decision. Parental consent laws require minors who want abortions to notify their parents. Ultrasound laws require women to be shown ultrasounds of their babies so they can give “informed consent.” Some states are banning abortions after 20 weeks. Many states have “partial birth abortion bans,” that is, simply protecting babies who are about to be born. In spite of all these restrictions, though, over 3500 babies continue to lose their lives to abortion daily. And just as we in the prolife community have settled for incremental restrictions, a Texas SCOTUS ruling indicates that even incremental restrictions are unwelcome.

<b?What Does The Recent SCOTUS Ruling Mean?
What This Ruling reveals About Our Culture

What does the recent SCOTUS decision mean? It means that we’re thorougly convinced that we can’t live without abortion. We can’t even live with incremental restrictions! This reveals that over 40 years of legal abortion has made abortion acceptable. Reports of abortion workers indicate that some of them actually believe that they’re “serving God” by performing abortions! The sad fact is that many who call themselves support abortion. In our false compassion for women in crisis, we think that offering them abortion serves them. Former abortion workers have testified that in doing abortions, they actually thought they were providing compassionate care for women.

What Does the Recent SCOTUS Decision Mean?
Why Considered Health Care?

Our cultures common term “abortion care” has reinforced this lie. What about rape and incest victims? What about those whose babies have a poor prenatal diagnosis? Definitely, this culture declares that they “have” to have abortions! We tend to turn to killing to “handle” our problems. Husbands kill wives. Wives kill husbands. Young people kill parents to be in a relationship or to get their mobile device back! Angry people go into public places and commit mass murders. Life has become cheap. This can all be traced to the legalization of abortion.

What Does the Recent SCOTUS Decision Mean?
Do Women Need Abortion?

What does the recent SCOTUS decision mean? It means that the belief that women need abortion is entrenched. For decades, we’ve come to see “abortion rights” as women’s “right to choose.” We call it reproductive freedom. We call it bodily autonomy. We even call it heath care! But what good does abortion do? Whole nonprofits exist to help post-abortive women recover from their abortions, emotionally and spiritually. Many of such women regret their abortions They’re working fervently to end abortion, in honor of the unborn babies who died at their hands.

Men testify to being deprived of their children because their wives or girfriends made “the choice” behind their backs. Abortion workers testify as to the dehumanizing effect of working in abortion clinics because they had no other way to earn a living. Yes, many women are desperate. They turn to abortion because their families don’t support them. They turn to abortion because their boyfriends or husbands don’t support them. They turn to abortion because the Church doesn’t know how to help them. Most of all, they turn to abortion because they don’t know about abortion alternatives.

What Does the Recent SCOTUS Decision Mean?
Prolife Banner-Courtesy of Human Coalition

Why We Should Never Give Up

What does the recent SCOTUS Decision mean? It means that we have far to go. We have much to do before this culture will see that we can live without abortion. This means that any call to ban abortion has to include strengthening abortion alternatives. It means creating new laws that will give even more abortion alternatives. It means more funding for adoption and low-income health care. We can’t give up advocating for the unborn. Millions of them, in the U.S. alone, have died because of abortion. As long as the media use the terms “abortion care” and “abortion rights” the lie will continue. Many of us don’t have the time or money to travel and meet with politicians in person. But we can sign and circulate petitions. You have a chance to sign the petition below. Or if you have, circulate it! All voices are needed.

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What Does the Recent SCOTUS  Decision Mean?

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