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What’s the Truth About “Fake Anti-Choice Clinics”??

Truth About Fake "Anti-Choice" Clinics?

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What is the Truth About "Fake Anti-Choice Clinics"??
Pregnancy Resource Center Entrance

Beware of those fake anti-choice clinics!

Beware of those clinics that just mislead you!

Beware of those anti-abortion clinics and their agendas!

Media Coverage of Pregnancy Resource Centers

The media cover pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) sporadically. By media I mean TV news, print, radio, and other media outlets. In some Presidential campaigns, candidates have promised, “I will release funds to pregnancy resource centers if I become President.” One talk show host likes to talk about “phony anti-choice clinics.” She likes to say, “Women, stay away from those fake places. They will talk you out of getting abortion services. They’ll act like they want to help you only to mislead you.” We certainly heard reports about the government in some states regulating their PRCs. New law required those PRCs to tell their clients about “abortion services.” Media cover Planned Parenthood (PP) clinics far more frequently than they do PRCs. As media shape public opinion, people know quite a bit about PP and “abortion services.” Because the media cover PRCs and abortion alteratives far less, people are ignorant about them. No wonder abortion is the first thing that comes to mind if someone faces an unplanned pregnancy! Media bias is a huge reason that people know little about PRCs and abortion alternatives.

Some Claims of Client Experiences

People have spoken about their experiences at pregnancy resource centers (PRCs). Many years ago, I was in a setting where I mentioned PRCs. One person stated, “I went to one of those centers. I went there to get care. When I dealt with them, they told me about principles, imposed their morality on me and claimed to know what is best for me. But we women know what is best for ourselves. We should make our own choices.” The lady in question seemed to be a strong feminist. I have done Internet searches about former clients’ experiences with PRCs. I’ve read material from these ex-clients. They have claimed that PRCs lure women in and impose their agendas on these women. One woman went in-depth, saying what she experienced from a PRC counselor. She writes about how the counselor judged her, didn’t listen to her, and asked her intimate questions. Often, writers accuse PRCs of posing as medical clinics while they have untrained ultrasound medical technicians. Planned Parenthood (PP) uses this as ammunition. They’ll warn women, “Avoid these fake clinics! They aren’t real health care clinics and they’ll mislead you. They aren’t your friends.” I’ve fund muchdata where many states sought to pass laws to “regulate” PRCs in their states. Many of them seemed to have done so. This makes this past week’s Supreme Court ruling seem hypocritical. While many want to “regulate prolife PRCs, they want to do the opposite with PP. The SCOTUS ruling handed PP a victory, lifting abortion restrictions in Texas. What sense does this make?

Reality of Pregnancy Resource Centers

Our aim must be to close down all abortion facilities. Regulating them just keeps abortion legal. The point of this post, however, isn’t that.
It’s the irony of the attitude to pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) and the attitude toward abortion facilities. Regulate one and not the other? Research indicates that Planned Parenthood (PP) allows unethical practices. This is why so many advocates are calling for the government to defund PP. Even in the accounts of bad experiences with Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs), almost none of these things are because of unethical behavior. PRCs are places staffed mostly by volunteers. These people give of themselves freely to provide abortion alternatives to those facing crisis pregnancies. They put their clients at the center of all they do. Their services are usually free. PRCs offer pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and counseling. They offer maternity clothes, baby clothes, and baby supplies. They offer many referral services. In many areas, mobile medical units even transport women from PP clinics or college campuses to their local PRCs. These PRCs, unlike PP, are underfunded. They don’t get government funds. So these PRCs usually can’t provide as many services as they otherwise would. Charities like Save the Storks exist to provide PRCs with updated and powerful technology to do their work more effectively. Why do women think they need Planned Parenthood? It’s because they usually aren’t informed of PRCs which can help them when pregnant. They aren’t informed about community clinics that can serve them after pregnancy. Much of that media’s fault.

What Should We Do about It?

We shouldn’t rely on the media to give us all the facts about anything. Any TV network is biased, whether liberal or conservative. We need to get the facts from a variety of sources. When lives are at stake this is especially important. Are you facing a crisis pregnancy? Is someone in your life in this situation? Then use the link below to find a local pregnancy resource center (PRC). If you are reading this as a pro-lifer who wants to help, click the same link. You’ll find the address of your local PRC where you can contact them. You can donate maternity or baby supplies. You can donate money. You can offer your time. Don’t believe the media hype about “phony anti-choice clinics.” Get the facts.

CLICK HERE to get help from a local pregnancy resource center.

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Photos provided Courtesy of Mary’s Pregnancy Resource Center.

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