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I'm Lisa DeSherlia, and I'm earnest about helping to make abortion unthinkable, not just unavailable. Most people know, deep down, that abortion is morally unacceptable. The majority know that the unborn are human. We don't want to answer questions no one is asking. Thanks to ultrasounds we're hard-pressed to question the humanity of the unborn. What questions are people asking? What can I do to cope with my unplanned pregnancy? Will it ruin my life? What will my family think of me? What will others think? How can I raise my baby? Where can I find help? How can I prevent unwanted pregnancies in the first place? We need to address these questions. That's the mission here. We all need to help create a culture of life, where no one will even want abortions. We aren't "anti-choice" and don't want to limit women's choices. We're looking for better choices for them. Best choices for women! Choices without regrets. If you are facing a crisis pregnancy or know of others who are know that much help is available, 24/7. And it's usually free. You can call, 24/4: 1-800-712-HELP (4357) or text "Helpline" to 313131. You can also call: 1-800-NO-ABORT (662-2678). You can text PREGNANT to 313131. Terrified of telling anyone? You can call 1-866-BABY1 (992-2291). Have you had an abortion? You can call either of these numbers: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or 1-866-469-7326. You aren't alone! ***NOTE***: All links on this website open up in a new browser window.


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